Traffic Signal Controller

This dynamic Vehicle actuated traffic control system consists of microcontroller-based traffic Controller and Detection camera to measures density of vehicle.

The traffic signal controller adapts the signal timings automatically based on actual traffic demand at intersection.

The vehicles occupancy on road is detected by the traffic controller and based on this it takes decision. The system can also Function based on centralized control center S/W Predictive Plan.

Salient Features

  • 32 bit Microcontroller based
  • 32 independent lamp outputs extendable up to 64 lamp output(in steps of 16)
  • 16 independent vehicle detection inputs expandable up to 20 inputs
  • Inductive loop and camera-based vehicle detection compatible
  • Integrated custom keyboard and LC Display
  • Time synchronization by GPS or ATCS server.
  • Remote Administration and Monitoring from central computer.
  • Area Traffic Control System (ATCS) compatible
  • Upgradable to Wireless Mode
  • 12/24VDC/230VAC Operation

Versa Trac is a vehicle actuated road traffic signal controller that controls thesignal lamps over wired medium. Versa Trac is Area Traffic Control System (ATCS)compatible having features to perform at isolated intersections or as part of asynchronized chain of controllers.

The controller supports remote monitoring andmanagement of signal plans over various medium of communication network.Optimized Solar power operation, PWM based intensity control of signal lamps, GPS/ Server based distributed time synchronization, pole mountable/plinth mountable miniature architecture are other features of Versa Trac.

Versa Trac has beendeveloped by CDAC(T) under the "Intelligent Transportation System Endeavour(InTranSe) for Indian Cities" which is a National level Collaborative Research andDevelopment Program funded by the Department of Electronics and InformationTechnology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology,Government of India.

Modes of Operation

  • Pre-timed
  • Vehicle Actuated
    • Split Optimized
    • Cycle Optimized
    • Semi Actuated
  • ATCS
  • Manual Control
  • Hurry Call
  • Pre-timed
  • Vehicle Actuated
  • Night Flash
  • Forced Flash
  • Error detection Flash

Signal Plans

  • 32 Phases
  • 32 stages
  • 24 Cycle Plans
  • 20 Day Plans
  • 4 Week Plans
  • 20 Holiday Plans
  • 4 Season Plans
  • 12/24 VDC operation at 6 watts


  • RS232- to get the debug information about the controller status
  • Ethernet- communication to the ATCS server
  • USB- Firmware upgrade

Firmware Features

  • Plan entering and retrieval using user interface (LCD and keypad) and Laptop.
  • Plan execution as per Fixed, Vehicle Actuated and ATCS modes.
  • Switching of lamps as per the Signal plan
  • Time synchronization at predefined intervals by GPS.
  • ATCS communication
  • Police panel interface
  • Plan downloading and uploading facility

Hardware Specifications

  • AT91SAM7X512 processor with 512 K flash and 128 K RAM
  • Drives 32 lamps per controller and delivers current of 2A max per channel
  • GPS based Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup
  • PORTS: RJ45, USB, USB device port (USB)
  • User interface: (5X4) keypad, (20X4) characters LCD, Pluggable to Laptop/PDA
  • Vehicle Sensor Modules Interface
  • Police panel interface for immediate key access/wireless remote access(optional)


  • Plinth /Pole mountable, Weather proof cabinet

Wireless Police Panel (Optional)

  • Must be operation in free wireless band (433 Mhz or less for better performance)
  • Must have the functionality like Forced Flash, Hurry Call (4 numbers), Lamp OFF
  • Must have option to switch between both wireless and wired police panel
  • The feedback of the current operation should be in the wireless

Scalability of Vehicle Actuation Controller to ATCS in Future

This methodology senses the traffic through non-intrusive loops, which areinstalled at appropriate positions in the junction. These sensors provide current trafficinformation to the controller through detectors mounted within the controller.

Simultaneously the data is sent to central control room server where the ATCS softwarereceives and processes the data to give proper commands to the intersectioncontrollers to allocate appropriate timings to the green signal. The controller essentiallyextends the green time corresponding to the command received from the control roomwithin the constraints of the maximum and minimum green times programmed. Thesystem thus puts in an effective control of the traffic flow throughout the area wherethe system is implemented.

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