Solar Powered Highway Emergency Call Box

Microtrans Emergency Call Box System is a hands-free transmission intercom system. It adopts GSM technology to transfer the audio and video signals. It completely solves such problems which are existing in traditional intercom or PA system: poor sound quality;

complicate maintain management; limitation of transmission distance; bad interactivity; only sound without image, etc. This system is easy to install and operate; it can be constructed based on existing computer network.

The system is widely used in: banks, hospitals, prisons, campus, highways, factories, mines, parks etc.

Features and Functions

  • Hands-Free conversation
    Talk in hands-free mode afterthe call is connected

  • Echo cancellation
    advanced echo cancellation technology to realize full-duplex real-time voice call

  • Digital transmission
    Clear picture and smooth sound, free from external electromagnetic interference; occupied small band-width, short network delay

  • Push to call
    Quick talk to a pre-designated target, each button can separately pre-designated the target.

  • Call inserted
    Substations have 5 priority level, high-level users can stop and insert the talk back of low-level users to call

  • Call transfer
    When one paging microphone (console) in the control room is on a call, the second call will be automatically transferred to another paging microphone.

  • Broadcasting
    microphone can carry on one-way broad-casting to a single substation, zones or all zones

  • Digital recording
    The systems can automatically digitize audio and video recording, keep the files in the memory, and upload to the server when the system is idle

  • Triggered by short-circuit
    The terminal can input and output short-circuit signal from or to other devices, such as controlling the electronic lock to open.

  • Remote update
    The software version of terminals can be remote updated by control center.

  • System security
    System has unique audio and video encoding format, confidentiality can with encryption to prevent eavesdropping.

  • System network
    The GSM based system will consist of One GSM modem which will convert the Cellular signals into telephone speech signals.

Microtrans Emergency Call Box Systems have two main components

Road Side ECB (GSM based)
It is to be installed at every alternate KM or any other distance as decided by the Client. It will be used to make emergency calls to the Control room equipment.

Control Room Equipment
It will receive the call from Road side ECB and keep a record of call received. Call needs to be attended manually be an operator, who will convey this to the authorities concerned for the action.

Details of Equipments

Road side ECB (GSM based)

consists of following parts/modules

  • GSM- FCT Module
  • Antenna
  • Solar panel with charging control Circuit
  • Battery
  • Mike and Speaker
  • Operating Switch
  • Time out cut off circuit
  • Pole with suitable mountings
  • Weather proof Box to house equipment's
  • Retro reflective Display Board indicating SOS/Emergency Phone.

Control Room Equipment

consists of following parts

  • P.C.
  • Voice Recording Unit
  • Laser Printer
  • Microphone
  • UPS

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