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Variable Message Sign (VMS)
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Microtrans offers hi-tech and reliable dynamic messaging solution to the intelligent transportation system. The VMS is fully free programmable can be communicated and controlled locally and remotely.

Distinctive features provide excellent 'phantom' protection and legibility in direct sunlight and other high ambient light conditions. Constant current drivers prolong the LED lifetime and luminance and uniformity remain virtually unchanged for many years. Our latest Variable Message Sign (VMS) products feature extremely bright, full-color LED display for easy viewing, and are mounted in robust cabinets built from mild steel, grade aluminum or stainless steel.

Our modular design makes VMS easy to install, repair/replace and maintenance. Over the years, Microtrans has been establishing itself as a leading supplier of advanced traffic management equipments for traffic solution.

Variable Message Sign
Salient Features
  • VMS is fully customized to client's requirements.
  • Fully programmable - can be controlled locally and remotely
  • Modular design - each module is accessible from the rear where an individual pixel element can be removed or replaced
  • Freely programmable-can display any language, any traffic symbol in any size and style. (window based)
  • Automatic luminance control as per the ambient sun light
  • Multiple communication options - any one of the network like serial, Ethernet, wireless (GSM / GPRS / Bluetooth)
  • Self diagnosis for LED errors in both " On" and "Off" states.
Technical Specification
  • Modular design - any size (width & height) of VMS is available
  • Pixel pitch 8mm to 40mm
  • Full RGB of 3 and 4 LED's (1 or 2 Red, 1 blue and 1 Green)
  • Multi color
  • Single color - any one of Red, Amber, Green or white (available in customized wave length)
  • Enclosure made of graded aluminium alloy, MS (as per customer's requirement)
  • Multiple communication option

Traffic Blinker

Traffic BlinkerTraffic Warning Flasher is considered as a prominent tool and to be installed at place close to school, fire station, military zone, village road, small town, pedestrian cross walk and severe hazard ahead.

Microtrans offers hi-tech solar powered Traffic Warning flasher comprise;
  • 300mm dia LED based Traffic Light with/without inbuilt blinker
  • Solar power systems with battery and battery charger
  • Auto dimming feature
  • Color - Red or Amber
  • Flashing rate per minute as customer desire

Traffic Blinker
  • No electricity connection, No Cable, No Electricity bill
  • Easy to install, No trench less boring or No road cutting
  • No maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost effective - less men power required
  • Avoid accidents
  • Warn traffic and emphasis for control speed
Traffic blinker is available in two versions electric powered (110V AC to 220V AC) and solar powered (12 V DC)

Traffic Cones
Microtrans offers highly flexible and durable traffic safety cones made of special PVC material. A high reflective sleeve is fixed on it for better visibility at day-night. Our traffic cones have provision for fixing of plastic chain or caution tape. Traffic ConesThis is designed is such a way that its heavy weighty base do not let it fly-off with fast traffic or winds.

Traffic safety cones are used for temporary lane dividing or enclosing some dangerous area on highways, at construction sites, at parking, at rally, and during events etc.

Salient Features
  • UV Stabilized for non-fading colour
  • Best flexibility to avoid crushing
  • Provision for fixing of plastic chains
  • High quality of reflective sleeve for day-night visibility
  • Heavy base and heavy weight

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